Van Rental Limerick Information

All the necessary information to rent a van in Limerick is provided below.

All the frequently asked questions or FAQs related to renting a van with Car & Van Rental are listed with informative answers.
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Live Chat
Our helpful reservations team are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have. The Live Support chat features gives you direct access to our staff, and answers to your questions.
Rental Agreement
Rental Agreement
A sample rental agreement is reproduced here for viewing. The agreement is signed by the renter upon renting a van.
Corporate Van Rental
Long Term Rentals Van Rental provide a very flexible solution to customers looking to rent commercial vehicles on a long term basis. We give you to upgrade or downgrade your requirements as needed.
Driving a Van
Driving and Loading a Van
This section is for people possibly driving a van for the first time with hints and tips also provided for the successful loading of a van
Moving House
Moving House
Moving house is a major task, but with propper planning and the correct approach the sense of expected chaos at the other end can be minimised
Moving Office
Moving Office
General information on how best to approach moving offices with a view to minimum downtime
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Receive regular updates from Car & Van Rental along with special offers and promotions
Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions
Information about the Terms and Conditions of Hire for all of our van rental and car rental products
Terms & Conditions
A complete list of pages available on Van Rental
Amend Booking
Change an Existing Booking
Make changes to a booking already made easily through our online interface