Moving Office

The problems of moving house are multiplied when it comes to moving office. There are the added complications of staff, workstations and office equipment, not to mention the task of getting operations up and running as soon as possible. Like moving home, propper planning is essential to avoid business critical issues in the new location. While preparations to move house are ideally commenced one month in advance of the move, plans for a move of office should start months in advance.


Blue Arrow Preparation is key to a success, set a clear date for the move in advance
Blue Arrow Inform staff of the impending move and of their duties to pack their belongings
Blue Arrow Prepare a seating plan for the new office so staff know where they are moving to
Blue Arrow Make a list of non essential items that can be moved first
Blue Arrow Organise van rentals prior to the move for transportation

Prior to the Move

Blue Arrow Move all non essential items to the new location, plants & paintings etc
Blue Arrow Give staff labeled boxes to pack their items away
Blue Arrow Inform customers of the impending change of address
Blue Arrow Label all furniture being moved so it is relocated to the correct place

Moving Day

Blue Arrow Move furniture such as filing cabinets with files in place
Blue Arrow Check boxes out of the old office and into the new office
Blue Arrow Move office furniture to the new location

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