Hints & Tips for Moving House

The process of moving house can be a very stressful experience, but with proper organisation and planning the process can become relatively stress free. The issues or moving are compounded if you have lived in the one location for a number of years, as possessions accumulate. A thorough spring clean is often needed to get rid / recycle possessions that are no longer needed. With proper preparation many of the major pitfalls involved with moving house can be avoided. Please see bellow for a suggested time line before a move:

One Month:

Blue Arrow Start organising all post to be redirected to your new home
Blue Arrow Put all important documents into one safe place (Passports etc)
Blue Arrow Organise to rent a van with Van Rental Limerick
Blue Arrow Start consuming foods that will not travel well such as frozen foods
Blue Arrow Source boxes suited for packing
Blue Arrow Commence packing items that will not be needed prior to the move

One Week:

Blue Arrow Assign boxes to each room and label them
Blue Arrow Finish packing items into boxes as much as is possible
Blue Arrow Start preparing to move furniture and delicate items
Blue Arrow Stock up on boxes if needed

Moving Day:

Blue Arrow Move from room to room in a logical fashion, loading boxes into the van
Blue Arrow Commence moving boxes between locations as early as possible
Blue Arrow Unload boxes directly from van into targeted rooms as per labelling

For information on driving and loading a van, please read our guide here.