Driving and Loading a Van

When it comes to driving a van, there are several differences that you should be aware of when compared to driving a car. The first difference is probably the overall size of the vehicle which is a very obvious point, but when actually driving the van it is easy to forget. One of the smaller differences, but one many drivers notice immediately is the lack of a rear view mirror while you'll be sitting up much higher in the vehicle. After picking up the van from the rental depot in Limerick, the following safety tips could be of interest to you.

Driving a Van

Blue Arrow When taking a corner you will need to swing much wider than in a car
Blue Arrow Reversing a van into requires caution due to the extra length and height
Blue Arrow A keen eye must be kept out for motorbikes and cyclists
Blue Arrow Take corners at a reduced speed due to the higher center of gravity of a van

Loading a van is all about using the space available, while careful consideration should also be paid to the stability of the load and the eventual unloading of the cargo. Optimal packing will maximise the space available, protect your items and aid the stability of the van during transit. Empty spaces between items can be protected with cardboard, cushions and blankets for added care.

Loading a Van

Blue Arrow Pack larger items first and place them against the far wall in the van for stability
Blue Arrow Pack smaller items / boxes around these items to prevent them moving mid-transit
Blue Arrow Ensure the cargo is stable around the doorways to allow access
Blue Arrow Load loose items into the empty spaces

If you have any questions about either loading or driving a van please do not hesitate to contact us.